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women's baselayer bottoms

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Women's Baselayer Bottoms

For every excursion, there is a pair of baselayer bottoms to help you maintain the ideal temperature. Many lightweight baselayers wick moisture away from the skin and block the sun's rays to keep you comfortable in sunny conditions. Others are designed to insulate as much as possible and keep you toasty in the most frigid temperatures. Traditional fabrics such as silk, cotton and Merino wool remain tremendously breathable and provide optimized amounts of insulation for various temperature conditions. Contemporary synthetic fabrics provide abounding benefits, such as the ability to stretch with your body, a soft feeling against the skin and antimicrobial odor prevention. Women's baselayer bottoms are also available in a conglomeration of color options, such as electrifying stripes, earthy tones, greens, black, blues, white, red, grays and colorful patterns. Inimitable baselayer bottom brands for women include 2XU, Smart Wool, Patagonia, Roxy, Volcom, Hot Chillys, Burton Snowboards, Arcteryx, Dakine, CWX, Icebreaker, Marmot and Orage.

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