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weekend packs 50 65l

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Weekend Packs

Weekend packs hold 50 to 65 liters of volume, so you can store all of the essentials for a short backpacking trip or traveling. Packs of this size have support features to make all-day hiking safe and comfortable, such as lightweight metal frames, padded straps, chest straps and waist belts. Many also have features to help skyrocket performance and convenience, such as hydration tube routing, copious external pockets and swimmingly accessible top pockets. A comfortable and sturdy weekend pack significantly contributes to your trekking experience. They are available in a miscellany of colors to suit your personal style, such as blue, red, green, grey, purple and black. Distinguished brands include Boreas, Montane, Arcteryx, Gregory, Marmot, Mike High Mountaineering and Osprey.

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