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Super Brand

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Looking for where to buy a new surfboard by Super Brand? Look now further! We have the PigDog surfboard and the Toy surfboard by Super Brand in stock now!

About Superbrand

Itís about progression. Every day, every idea, every design, every encounter, every bit of construction is all about progression for SUPERbrand surfboards. Founded in 2008 by a triad of forward-thinkers, SUPERbrand combines youth, innovation, and skate-influenced aesthetics with full-board graphics to set new standards of excellence for the surfing community. They and their SUPERbrandís Shaperís Collective team create unique, high quality boards and on-trend apparel for the fashion conscience surfer community. Not only were they welcomed with open arms, but the buzz is still humming strong years later.

Ridden by top rippers and freesurfers, shredding ice-ridden shores of Iceland in award winning movies, racking up nominations for Surfboard of the Year, and capturing rave reviews the world over in print and online, SUPERbrand surfboards deliver. The creative and high-performance collaboration from the SUPERbrand Shaperís Collective is impressive if not unique. Made up of the combined knowledge and experience of the entire surfboard shapers from around the world, this group of individuals definitely proves that the ďsum of the parts is greater than the whole.Ē

SUPERbrand has a large selection of surfboards suitable for every surferís need from popular, all-around performance to small wave performance models, each a premium quality surfboard with no compromises. Signature, inlayed graphics and premium quality construction including the best cores, fibers, and resin come standard in every board. Every feature, down to the last detail is responsible for the young, rad, classy, tight, and versatile nature of the entire collection. Nothing is left to chance. Ultimate control over board response is the goal.

All-around performance boards like the most reordered SUPERbrand Toy model are designed with a wider, smoother outline compared to normal surfboards and take the traditional shortboard from a small wave groveler to a high performance, user-friendly model. Thatís progression. The fuller outlines equate to extra speed, quick responses, and critical surfing when needed, and makes for a ride that is 1-3 inches shorter and a half-inch wider. Consistent performance in all conditions from tip to tail and rail to rail keep customers coming back time and time again.

With single to double concaves making it easier for tiny adjustments within the barrel, added width and a curvy outline for easier paddling into waves, SUPERbrandís boards like the PigDog sport such features as a 5 Plug Setup with tri/quad options, low to mid rocker and an outlying curvature that provides more top turn-ability without needing a rail and offers hold in steep waves in addition to carving on large, open faces and snaps on small beach breaks. As an everyday option or as ďprogressionĒ to the next step up, the extra volume in a board like the PigDog makes for great barrel riding, holding your line, or taking off deep.

Customizable dimensions and specs, SUPERbrand surfboards lay down big carves on big open faces, shred more than your daily lettuce salad, and provide rides to bury a rail, cook down the line and set fins free with all the vigor and excitement up till now only found in the deepest of your surfing dreams.

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