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Saucony opened its first factory situated on the high banks of the Saucony Creek in Kutztown, Pennsylvania over one hundred years ago. Over this period of time, Saucony has been in the business of offering a comprehensive range of footwear for running on trails, racing and walking. Saucony found its inspiration from runners who helped to push their design and technology forward. Saucony is in the business of creating the best running shoes and apparel in the world.

About Saucony

Saucony offer an interesting collection of shoes for various outdoor pursuits. The Saucony ProGrid Xodus 3.0 Shoe is a great all year round running shoe. The years of studying the biomechanics of top runners paid off; this knowledge was incorporated in the design of the Xodus. The Pro-Lock support straps help to reinforce the midfoot while the high tech lining wicks away the sweat. In addition, the external Vibram outsole provides incredible traction and takes the shock of asphalt, gravel and roots on forest trails. The stability and grip of these running shoes have to be experienced to be believed. The Saucony ProGrid Xodus 3.0 Shoes for Women have a low profile design with a 4-millimeter offset that contribute to making this a very runnable shoe.

There may be times when you want to move over to the Saucony ProGrid Xodus 3.0 GTX Shoe. This shoe is especially useful when the heaven opens and pours down on road and trail. This shoe provides all the features available in the Xodus 3.0 with the added benefit of a waterproof breathable Gore-Tex® upper. This shoe has a nice toe box that caters to splayed toes. The ProGrid Xodus 3.0 GTX has been through the gambit of difficulty situations and has come out with a record of success.

If on the other hand, you are looking for a pair of low profile running shoes, then the Saucony ProGrid Perigrine 2 are the shoes for you. This shoe minimizes your off road footprint. You get closer to the ground with maximum traction while experiencing a more natural run stance with reduced heel-to-toe drop. This is a shoe that floats over the terrain in great style. In contrast, the Saucony ProGrid Perigrine 3 Trail Running Shoe delivers a lighter and lower to the ground feel. This redesign of the previous version features FlexFilm for a slim and seamless feel while the External Bedrock Outsole plant is there to protect against gravel, asphalt and all the hard sharp stuff that covers the trails. This is another great shoe with the traction that keeps you going. These shoes are so light you will feel the ultimate in comfort.

Saucony knows what it takes to make the best footwear possible. Their collection is impressive and reflects years of learning and changing with the technological advances of our time. Saucony knows the best shoe for your unique foot. Their shoe advisor will provide you with what you need for your specific activity taking into account your arch and pronation.

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