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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

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Searching for where to buy a Santa Cruz skateboard? We have a huge selection of surfboards and skateboards by Santa Cruz for you to choose from. For more surf gear by Santa Cruz and other surf brands, click here.

About Santa Cruz

In July of 1885, a trio of Hawaiian princes descended upon the shores of the American mainland. They ventured into the Santa Cruz Mountains and brought back Redwood trees, which they used to create surfboards in the shape of the historic Hawaiian longboards. Thus surfing was introduced the mainland and Santa Cruz has ever since been known as Surf City, USA.

Along the way Doug Haut began hand shaping some boards of his own. During the 1970’s Haut honed his skills as a builder of both surfboards, and through a series of unlikely events, skateboards as well. Doug had everyone in Santa Cruz pumped about his custom boards and soon there was a company founded under the same name. The brand flourished with a dedicated following, and soon the technology emerged to craft advanced composite surfboards, which was when Haut jumped at the opportunity to develop his line of surfboards with the innovative Powerlyte.

What begins with professional riders and shapers collaborating on board designs naturally flows into countless hours of testing prototypes at some of the best breaks in the world. The Santa Cruz team now also consists of pros from Hawaii, Australia and Brazil, and they all maintain the belief that Powerlyte technology is the key to creating better surfboards for each and every kind of rider.

Growing as a surfer is what spending time mixing it up with the waves is all about. The Santa Cruz Pumpkin Seed 6’0’’ Surfboard is dedicated to enhancing and improving your experience in the water. This highly versatile board is perfectly suited to handle a wide variety of conditions and surf so you are always prepared to have a killer time. This model comes in more than one size, like the Santa Cruz Pumpkin Seed 6’6’’ Surfboard for example, so that riders of all sizes can enjoy a board built to dominate everything it touches.

Since Santa Cruz is committed to making something for everyone to ride, they have a sweet collection of street surfing sticks as well. Their collection of skateboards is so vast that it would be impossible for someone not to find one to fall in love with. The Santa Cruz Olson Cruiser Skateboard is an absolute staple for anyone who digs some old school rolling. Then there are models like the Santa Cruz Jammer Strip Black Cruiser Board and the Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp Shark Cruiser that are just fun to ride and will take you anywhere, whether you are riding for pleasure, commuter or both purposes.

With a rich history of crafting boards that make life more fun on land and in the water, Santa Cruz continues to heavily influence the surf and skate landscapes. Their dedication to quality materials, innovative boards and good times ensures that they will continue to shape the shred scenes for a long time to come.

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