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Searching for where to buy new Nordica Alpine Ski Boots? We have a big selection of Alpine Ski Boots by Nordica for Men, Women & Kids. Save on Your Nordica Order with No Sales Tax & Free Shipping on all orders over $40 shipped within the contiguous USA!

Nordica Alpine Ski Boots

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About Nordica

Most agree that performance matters, but at Nordica, it’s the only thing that matters. From start to finish, Nordica jams their ski products with more performance than you can shake a pole at. Each and every piece they produce, whether it be skis or boots, is designed with the intention of creating a product that is second to none. Emphasis on fit and comfort enhances the skiing experience by enabling you to perform at the highest level. Driven by performance, and unwilling to compromise, Nordica never fails to deliver mountain thrashing skis and boots.

The Vaccari brothers, Adriano and Oddone, founded Nordica in 1939. While tucked away in Montebelluna, Italy, the guys made huge strides in athletic footwear, and quickly became specialists with ski boots. The brand tore its way onto the international scene in 1950 as the winner of the downhill and giant slalom events, Zeno Colo, was wearing his revolutionary new pair of ski boots from Nordica. During the ‘60s, Nordica made huge strides by introducing the buckle fastening system as well as the first pure polyurethane ski boot. Ever since their founding, Nordica has continued to innovate and push the sport with their passion for skiing that can be found embedded in their DNA.

Alpine ski boots from Nordica are not in the business of messing around. Glorious ski enhancing foot huggers like the Nordica Hot Rod 7.5 Ski Boot have taken the market by storm and developed an unrelenting grip as an industry leader. Natural Foot Stance technology and a medium flex set you up for performance driven comfort across the entire hill. Slash through the trees, drop the steeps, and crush the park in the Hot Rod 7.5 Ski Boot from Nordica.

Even the mini shredders have superior boots at their disposal. The Nordica Nordy Jr Ski Boot takes all the quality and performance of their full sized gear and crams it into the shrunken down version that is perfect for the little ones who love to rip. Guaranteed comfort and uninhibited shredding capabilities set your young ones up for success whether they are just starting out or already daring you to keep up. A snug cuff and comfy liner eliminate complaints of boots that are guilty of hurting little feet. Do your best not to be jealous of the kids rocking these, because until they develop a surgery to shrink your feet, you are just going to have to watch the pint-sized riders enjoy the Nordica Nordy Jr Ski Boot.

Nordica’s alpine ski collection takes things beyond impressive. Make the leap to the next level with models like the Nordica Hot Rod Overdrive XBS Adj Skis. Engineered to assist those who like to take it to the limit across the whole mountain, the Overdrive navigates a plethora of terrain with ease and smoothness that will make mouths water. The Overdrive was constructed to advance riders by refining their technique and giving them the tools for ultimate domination. Nordica makes skiing more fun by powering their gear with pure performance.

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