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Ninthward is not your daddy’s ski company. Instead, the industry has been transformed by the fresh planks that Ninthward cranks out, resulting in a possible look of confusion from your dad should he step foot on the hill. Their revolutionary skis have taken the sport by storm and now nothing will ever be the same again. Thanks to a dedicated force of fanatics with a love for skiing, Ninthward has built a team that stops at nothing to continue innovating and changing the way we enjoy the snow.

About Ninthward

One of the best things about Ninthward skis is that they are made in the USA. They are seriously proud of that fact too. So, why is it such a big deal? By building their product here at home they have set themselves up with the ability to hold the reins tight through every stage of the process. They also have the flexibility to tweak things for maximized benefit at any juncture. Experimentation is crucial throughout the process as they try new approaches from design to construction in order to constantly evolve their skis so that you can expand your horizons on the mountain.

A pack of industry veterans got together at Mammoth Lakes, California during the summer of 2003. They began conceptualizing a revolutionary project that would help them blaze the trails they were destined to create. The strong camaraderie of the Ninthward project in New Orleans reminded them of their own group and so the name stuck.
What began as a garage project soon gave way to the development of skis and clothing that would take the industry by storm. By accelerating the future of ski technology, Ninthward has now established themselves as a force that has spawned its own subculture and a dedicated following.

By producing all different kinds of skis, Ninthward is able to put a smile on every rider’s face. From twin tips to down hill, once you step in, your turns will become injected with unparalleled levels of fun. The Ninthward Urban Twin and True Twin have been beefed up with bombproof construction and loaded with all the shenanigan-inducing performance that twin tip skiers love. Their downhill skis offer unheard of response so that you can blitz down the slopes at ferocious speeds with confidence. Different camber types, flex patterns and side cuts ensure that everyone who grabs a pair of Ninthward planks is enjoying the most phenomenal ride of their life.

Propelling the sport to a new level, Ninthward maintains that their homegrown goods, innovative designs and rigorous testing make skiing more awesome than anyone thought possible. Ninthward enables skiers to execute their own freedom of expression. They are proud of what they have created and they know that you will love the unbeatable performance of Ninthward skis.

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