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Armada Smoked Gore-Tex Stretch 2L Jacket - Women's View

Navigation equipment can help you find the most gratifying trails, camping spots, lakes, viewpoints and other pristine natural expanses. Maps will give you novel mountain and gorge trail ideas, and they are much more transportable and practical in the wilderness than a laptop or out-of-range smartphone. Maps, compasses, satellite messengers, binoculars and other GPS units can also become lifesaving if you get lost in a remote area or lose visibility during inclement weather conditions. Quintessential brands include Burnside Video, Seal Line, WYNIT – Garmin Products, Alpenbooks, Geo-Graphics Maps, Liberty, Steiner, Green Trail Maps, National Geographic Maps, PARTNERS WEST, Suunto, Sea to Summit, Silva, Spot Satellite Messenger and Steiner.