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Mountain House

Mountain House

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Mountain House specializes in freeze-dried food and leads the industry with outstanding nutrition and flavor. Whether you want something lightweight and nutritious to take backpacking or an emergency kit for home, Mountain House is the brand of choice for long-term, lightweight food storage. Mountain House camping food allows you to have tasty meals, even in the middle of nowhere. The brand produces a range of options for specialized needs, such as low sodium and vegetarian choices. They have foods for any meal, including breakfasts, entrees, desserts, veggies and snacks.

Mountain House

For a delicious and easy breakfast, Mountain House Scrambled Eggs with Bacon practically transport you back to home. The scrambled eggs are precooked and made with flavorful bacon bits. The small pouch is lightweight and takes up minimal space in a pack. It makes one and a half ¾ cup servings. You can make the eggs right in the pouch with boiling water, so you do not need to carry an extra pot for cooking.

At lunch or dinner, you can warm up quickly with a pouch of Mountain House Beef Stroganoff with Noodles. Available in a five-serving family size or smaller two-and-a-half serving size, the meal contains beef, mushrooms, noodles and sauce. A generous portion of creamy sour cream sauce ensures plenty of flavor and a filling meal. This entree is tasty enough that you might find yourself taking it to work for lunch or making it at home when you do not want to cook. It is easy to prepare with boiling water inside the pouch, so you do not have to waste valuable pack space on bowls and cooking supplies.

Another best-seller is the Mountain House Chicken a la King pouch. It features chicken, mushrooms and pasta with a creamy white sauce. Sure to warm you up and fill you up, this hearty pasta dish is ideal for refueling after a long day of trekking. Like other Mountain House pouch items, you simply add boiling water to the pouch to make the dish with minimal preparation. It is flavorful, yet simple enough to be popular among children and adults alike. This dish is a great go-to option for any quick-preparation meal situation.

No matter how picky the eater, Mountain House camp food is an easy and nutritious crowd pleaser. The regular items contain a fair amount of sodium to replace sodium lost during physical activity, but the brand also has lower sodium items for those with health concerns. When stored unopened in a cool and dry area, the pouch meals retain their flavor and consistency for at least 10 years. The brand owners, however, have tasted 30 year old pouches and found that they retained their flavors and texture. Mountain House items are convenient to keep on hand for power outages or other emergencies at home, and they are also easy to pack and carry on longer outdoor excursions and camping. Whether your focus is long-term storage, easy preparation or calories with a minimal storage weight, Mountain House freeze-dried foods cover all the bases.

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