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Mission Playground

Mission Playground
Combining apparel and art, Mission Playground is a clothing company with an environmental conscious that is striving for positive change. The Earth is many things, but they see it as our playground, and it is their mission to preserve it.

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product reviews

Mission Playground Clothing

About Mission Playground

Using the most sustainable fabrics, Mission Playground designs each piece with the goal of having the smallest carbon footprint. They take pride in their support of fair labor suppliers and the overall way they have chosen to do business.

North of San Diego, in San Elijo, CA, Mission Playground has set up camp in order to execute their operation. As the producer of a wardrobe that is 85% sustainable, which includes 100% organic t-shirts, Mission Playground is using all kinds of recycled materials to inspire their innovative style. This fresh brand has found that it is possible to sustain the environment through conserved resources, waste reduction, repurposed materials and education. It is their desire for everyone to become more aware and respectful of the planet that is our playground.

As the creator of different lines of shirts, jackets and hats, there is always something original and fun to wear. Mission Playground kid’s shirts are constantly a hit, because you are sure to feel good about giving the shirts, and they will undoubtedly have fun wearing them. Pieces like the Mission Playground Girl’s For The Love Short Sleeved Tee are vibrant and full of life. They are made from impressively sustainable materials, so while they won’t leave a footprint, they will most certainly leave an impression. Boy’s Tees like the Swim and Sasquatch have more than enough style to go around, while still remaining cool enough for him to want to wear. So, with all the fun styles and earth-friendly materials, everyone is a winner.

Mission Playground invites your to wear your heart on your sleeve. Or your back. Or your chest. Either way, they have messages printed on their clothing for whatever mood you might happen to be in. Whether it is for him or for her, Mission Playground clothing will get your point across in a comfy and stylish manner. With a passion to preserve our playground, this brand has found a creative outlet that not only gives them a way to help save the Earth, but to also express their artistic side. They are forever thankful for the opportunity given to them to fuse both of these passions.

Preservation of our planet is their priority. Expression of themselves through artistically driven clothing is a privilege. They will continue to combine their passions in a grateful manner. If protecting the Earth is important to you, and you also enjoy some legit threads, go with Mission Playground and get a smile on your face.