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Mammut Removable Airbag System RAS

Description: Mammut Removable Airbag System RAS

The Mammut Removable Airbag System is a removable, square airbag that inflates behind your head and will aid in keeping your head above the snow in an avalanche situation that will fit into, and can be removed from a removable airbag compatible backpack as needed or required. The Removable Airbag System by Mammut allows you to select the right airbag for the right activity. You have fast location due to the bright red color, safe and simple operation, and 3-second inflation time with a volume of 150 liters directly after deployment and an application range of -30 C bis +40 C. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Features of the Mammut Removable Airbag System RAS

  • Weight: 850 grams (without cartridge)
  • Custom Fit Options: 150 liter red airbag balloon
  • Features: Airbag can help to prevent complete burial
  • R.A.S. : Removable airbag system – one system can be used for different types of backpack
  • Locate: Fast location thanks to the bright red color
  • Operation: Simple and intuitive operation
  • Inflation Time: approx. 3 seconds
  • Range of Application: -30 °C bis +40 °C
Mammut Removable Airbag System RAS Colors Available:

Mammut Removable Airbag System RAS

Was: $450.00
Now: $314.95
Style 00820




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