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Co-founders Mike Carroll and Rick Howard founded Lakai Footwear Limited in Torrance, California back in 1999. Both Carroll and Howard decided that they wanted to contribute to the skateboarding industry by starting their own company rather than being sponsored by someone else. They started to work the early designs with former Chocolate skateboard team member Scott Johnson. This team of professionals formed and began designing skate shoes that evolved over time with clever technological enhancements. Scott Johnson was with Lakai at the beginning, and made the decision to step out of skateboarding and became Lakai’s Footwear Design Director early in 2013. Lakai is part of the larger Crailtap family that include companies like Girl Skateboards, Chocolate Skateboards and others.

About Lakai

Lakai promotes three technological features that set the Lakai Shoes apart from their competitors. These features claim to provide a better structural integrity of a cup sole in addition to reducing the overall weight by working the sidewalls and reducing the rubber in areas of the soles where it is not needed. These three features are known as the XLK Sole Construction, the High Density Foam and Sculpted Sidewalls.

One of the best sellers in the Lakai line is the Lakai Manchester Select Skate Shoes; these shoes feature vulcanized construction along with a tacky gum rubber outsole. In addition, the form fitting upper provides an increased board feel. These shoes are extremely comfortable with a very soft sole and extra padding on the top for increased ankle support. Lakai offers the extras like the plastic plate in the back of the shoe that protects against heel bruises. These shoes are great from the get go with no need to break them in. These shoes are also great for skateboarding due to a good grip; they almost feel like they stick to the board.

Another great skateboarding shoe in the product line is the Lakai MJ Echelon Skate Shoes featuring a soft upper of pig suede that guarantees that superior fit. The form fitting upper design contributes to an increased board feel. This shoe reflects the new standard that has been reached due to the Lakai team’s fresh approach to styling. This shoe is the signature shoe for Marc Johnson, professional skateboarder, and once you put it on you will not want to take it off.

As is the way of Lakai, their products reflect the expertise of the professional skateboarder. Design comes from those that know what is needed to excel. Inspiration and innovation comes from the passion for the sport. This flare spilled into Lakai video productions of skateboarding. Lakai received considerable attention for these productions. Their first full-length video was Fully Flared. Videographer and director Ty Evans was responsible for the bulk of Lakai’s videos productions. It has been say that Fully Flared was the most watched skateboard video of its decade. Lakai’s has a knack for putting its finger on the pulse. You can trust that they will get you to where you want to go.

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