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When learning how to ski so much of your attention goes into the skis and balance. Your attention is focused on speed and the attempts at control while trying to prevent the inevitable fall. The ski poles take the back seat during these times and when you finally take them in hand, it takes a bit of know how in order to use them correctly.

About Joystick

Ski poles improve balance and timing. They are crucial on that overly deep, bottomless ski day when you fall over. They are also a godsend on those late springs days when you need to add a little propulsion to get back to the lift. Ski poles are important, especially in the steeps and this why Jeff Kiesel and his team of professionals designed the Joystick Ski Poles to do the best job in those hard to define ski situations.

Joystick offers a large range of ski poles from Pep Adjustable Ski Poles to Park Ski Poles with loads of poles in between. A favorite is Joystick The Sauce Skiing Pole that offers great performance at an affordable price. The Sauce is made of the highest-grade aluminum with pro cork grips. When you are at a loss for poles, there is no sense grabbing the leftovers from the rental bins or the old pair out of the garage. The Sauce is great value for money and can smooth out the rough edges in your style by providing the rhythm that you may be lacking.

Another winner is the Joystick Spicolli Ski Poles for kids at a price that is difficult to beat. These poles were designed with those little daredevils in mind. The Spicolli will help your little one start off their skiing experience with a calm sense of purpose. The lightweight aluminum shaft provides great support and the adjustable straps add that additional security to holding on.

Joystick Skiing, LLC is located in Vancouver, Canada and offers more than just poles. The Joystick Ski Equipment includes skis, gloves and accessories. The Joystick skis are special and the selection is unique but not large. Joystick These skis provides a ski performance that excels in the terrain park. These are rider driven and provide a symmetrical shape and flex with a deep side cut for the aggressive carve. These skis have a low camber, which is more forgiving for takeoff and landing. The Joystick skis provide a zippy feel to your mountain experience. The maple and poplar wood core keeps the weight of the skis down while providing that snappiness that is perfect for a whole range of snow experiences.

As the ski clouds up, heavy with moisture laden clouds it time to think about cruising down the mountain with joy in your heart and Joystick ski poles in your hands. Joystick’s extended family include stars like Banks Gilberti, Ben Moxham, Bobby Brown and others that live the life of the mountains. This team inspires Joystick to create the right tool for the right job.

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