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Icebreaker items are made with the wool of one of the world's toughest animals ĘC Merino sheep. Merino wool has many benefits compared to other types of wool or synthetic fabrics. It has a soft feeling against the skin, insulates even when wet and resists odors. It is also naturally breathable, fire-resistant and sun-resistant, making it ideal for athletes who need layers that withstand Earth's harshest conditions. In cool weather, it provides unbeatable insulation. In scorching temperatures, it allows sweat to evaporate away from the skin comfortably.

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About Icebreaker

The sheep that produce Merino wool are raised in their natural environment in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. They are shorn by hand with blade shears to leave them with enough wool for plenty of protection throughout the winter. You get the benefit of a completely natural fiber grown by animals built to survive a vast range of temperature and weather conditions. The sheep get humane treatment in their natural environment, so this is one animal product you can buy with a clear conscience.

Icebreaker makes a range of layers and accessories for men and women for all of your outdoor adventures including running, mountain biking, hiking & climbing. Men's Icebreaker clothing comes in varying weights for different conditions. For example, the Lightweight Legging Baselayer with Fly is ideal for moderate temperature conditions and layering underneath heavier items in cold weather. They help keep you warm, and they also keep you dry as you sweat. The leggings have flatlock stitching to prevent chafing, even with extensive all day movement. They have a comfortable elastic waistband and a close fit for easy layering beneath other pants.

One of the most popular Icebreaker tops, and one of our most popular baselayers across all brands, is the Icebreaker men's long sleeve crew neck. It is lightweight and highly breathable, making it ideal for strenuous activity and layering. Even after repeated wears without washing, the Merino wool material resists odors. Pushed forward side seams prevent uncomfortable rubbing. A slim fit makes it easy to wear on its own or beneath other layers.

Women's Icebreaker clothing comes in a range of options, including tops, pants, dresses and skirts. One of the most popular items is the Lightweight Legging Baselayer for women. They are made with many comfort features, including flatlock stitching, a soft elastic waistband and a gusset for easy freedom of movement. The leggings provide soft and breathable insulation, so they keep you warm and dry without causing overheating. They have a close fit, perfect for wearing on their own or beneath a second outer layer.

Humans tend to go for the latest high tech synthetic materials, but this is one case where the more natural option also provides the best performance. Merino sheep thrive in temperatures ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, so their wool keeps you comfortable in an unbeatable range of temperatures. It is also conveniently machine washable, so you do not have to waste money on the dry cleaner's like other wool products. Merino is nature's ideal fiber for athletes, and it will always provide the utmost in performance and comfort.