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Eureka Camping Gear
Designed to exceed expectations from those burly backcountry expeditions to your backyard bonfire sleepovers, Eureka outdoor gear maximizes your camping experience. Eureka strengthens the bonds between families and friends by building the best tents and sleeping bags used by those spending time with people they care about. Designed for a lifetime of comfortable, durable use, Eureka’s gear is prepared to take on any adventure you can imagine. Zip up a tent, or into one of their sleeping bags and you will see how Eureka makes enjoying the outdoors so easy.
Before the 1900s even began, Eureka was producing tents and other protective covers out of Binghamton, NY. Back then, they were well known for their Conestoga wagon covers and American flags. Decades of growth, development, and evolution has led Eureka to become the experts in outdoor shelters that they are today. Along the way, they pioneered some of the most innovative technologies and ideas that thrived in the face of the most adverse conditions and tests that Mother Nature could conjure.
The Eureka Scenic Pass 2XT Tent has been crafted to be your all-purpose camping shelter. The versatile dome tent uses a pair of DAC Pressfit poles that deliver all kinds of strength, but remain light and easy to pack. Twin-track doors feature no-see-um mesh paneling that allows for privacy, insect protection, and superior ventilation. Throw the fly over the top and get additional exterior storage and fortification. A Bathtub floor runs up the sides of the tent walls so that any water on the ground is kept banished to the outside world. Get some serious camping in with the Eureka Scenic Pass 2XT Tent.
Roomy and spacious, the Eureka Suite V4 Tent provides loads of living space not only on the floor, but also vertically. Finally, a shelter with some headroom so you don’t feel like you should be ringing bells in Notre Dame every time you try and stand up like with your old tent. Simple to set up and super lightweight, the Suite V4 is one of Eureka’s most livable tents.
Eureka hosts a stacked lineup of superior 3 season tents. Models like the Tetragon 3 and the Tetragon 8 tents are engineered to set you up with durability, comfort, and protection from all kinds of elements. Lightweight for easy transportation and simple set up make these 3 season beasts your go-to option for the majority of the year. Shield yourself, and however many others you wish to grant access to your Eureka fortress in a multitude of weather conditions.
Sleeping bags are another of Eureka’s specialties. They craft incredibly warm and comfortable sleep sacks for every kind of camper. The Eureka Sandstone 30F Sleeping Bag employs ThermaShield insulation, a tough polyester shell, and a draft tube that denies cold air from getting in through the zipper. Even tiny outdoor lovers can sleep well in bags like the Minnow 45 Sleeping Bag. Extreme quality construction, ThermaShield insulation, pockets to stash toys, and a zipper that refuses to work its way down in the night make this bag the perfect kids camping companion. Trust Eureka to continue delivering the kind of outdoor gear that will make all your expeditions exceptionally memorable.