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Dry Guy

Dry Guy

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Looking for where to buy a DryGuy boot dryer? We've got you covered!Do you work hard or play hard in the outdoors? Do both and let your feet enjoy the experience with DryGuy. Check out our selection of DryGuy snowboard gear.

About DryGuy

As the leading creator of footwear and accessory thermal layering systems and dryers, DryGuy gear is designed to achieve an optimum level of sensational comfort in your shoes. DryGuy is constantly engineering new methods to keep active folks warm and dry from the ground up. While it may be unconventional, it was over 20 years in the aerospace industry that taught the founder, Joel Beckett, everything he needed to know about how to protect your feet from cold and wet conditions. With DryGuy, you never have to be scared of sticking your feet into a pair of shoes that are still soaked from the last time you used them.

Joel founded the company in 1994 out of Seattle, WA. Places like Seattle are famous for being seemingly always wet, but Joel decided that just because people live in wet environments, they donít have to be stuck with wet feet. Still based in the Pacific Northwest, DryGuy has always been focused on keeping feet warm and healthy. Products are tested in the soggiest conditions fathomable in order to ensure their effectiveness.

Hooking you up with premium weapons in the fight against wet feet, the DryGuy Turbo Dry Shoe and Boot Dryer is destined for glory. A powerful fan makes use of the ram-air ventilation system that goes to extraordinary lengths to warm up and dry out your boots. Have no fear, because as tough as this bad boy is on moisture, it is gentle on your footwear and wonít go messing anything up. It even comes with a household and car adapter so that your feet can stay fresh on the go.

This is a company that truly goes above and beyond the call of duty. They even dedicate themselves with DryGuy snow and ice traction devices like the DryGuy Monster Grip Replacement Spikes. Now, it doesnít matter what sort of conditions you are up against, because DryGuy has got you covered with all the gripping capabilities you need to power through. When the traction and drying potential that DryGuy offers team up to help you enhance your experiences in the outdoors, it is undoubtedly a thing of beauty.

DryGuy understands that wet shoes might just seem like an inconvenience, but more than just your comfort is affected. If your shoes arenít given a proper drying, there are consequences that will be most unwelcome like fungus, bacteria and odor. DryGuy boot dryers and accessories are the perfect solutions to solve the problems created by those pests, and proper use of products from this dedicated brand ensure that victory through health and comfort will indeed be yours.

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