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Looking for where to buy some downunders insoles for your shoes? Browse our selection of insoles and footbeds by Downunders.

About Downunders

Coming at you straight off the shelf is the most technically advanced footbeds on the market, and they are known only as Downunders. These bucket seats are specially designed just for your feet using an EVA stabilizing structure that gradually adapts to your foot shape and shoes during use. The end result is increased foot comfort, reduced fatigue and improved balance. So, whether you are hiking around your favorite mountain or undertaking a serious trekking expedition, your feet will thank you when you equip them with the powers of Downunders.

There are many components that make Downunders footbeds so supreme. First of all, the heel cup is absolutely amazing. It molds to your foot for a perfect fit around the heel and strategically positions your heel’s calcanus bone just over the heel bubble that absorbs shock and gives you an impressively comfortable experience. The arches do their part to support you as well. Whenever those arches are squeezed between your foot and the ground, the cradling chassis flexes its dynamic adaptation powers to create a deeper, extra supportive cradle for your foot. Constructed from Honey-Comb foam with a dual-density structure, Downunders shoe insoles deliver outstanding durability that lasts and lasts.

The comfortable performance provided by Downunders is perfect for anything from strolling around the block in the spring, to running along your favorite trail during the summer, to ripping down your favorite slopes in the winter, to dominating your buddy at racquet ball in the fall. The whole point is that Downunders give you the ability to further enjoy your favorite sports and activities by integrating a whole slew of features into an affordable orthopedic footbed.

Downunders Green Cork footbeds utilize a Forefoot Teardrop that promotes the distribution of your body weight in an appropriate manner across your forefoot. This stabilizes the muscles so that you get the most balanced stance and explosive response from your feet. Equipped with a velvet top skin, inserts like the Green Cork insulate your feet while wicking away moisture. Not only does this top skin refuse to absorb moistures, but it is also hypoallergenic and super simple to clean.

The Active Arch of models like the Downunders Blue encourages natural alignment and trains your ligaments and tendons to become strong and resilient to injury. A full length footbed not only maintains proper placement inside of your shoe, but with continued use, it also molds around the pads of your toes to limit displacement. The benefits of Downunders add up to a long list of reasons why you should show your feet a bit more love and attention.

If you consider yourself an active individual, you know that your feet are the vehicle of your lifestyle. Do your feet a favor and hook them up with the performance enhancing powers of some Downunders footbeds.

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