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Contour V Holder Cams

Contour V Holder Cams

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In a hands-free world, Contour leads the way as they help you to tell your story. Forging the way in a visual media market that holds personal video cameras as the holy grail of storytelling, this brand never fails to put the tools in your hands for effectively capturing all of your adventures. Contour has established themselves as enablers of modern day explorers as they provide those brave souls with a way to tell their tales and display their exploits via video. When it comes to pursuing your passions and snagging the footage to prove your worth, you can rely on Contour to deliver the cameras and accessories to make it all possible.

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About Contour

Dedicated to crafting simple, yet functional hands-free tools for capturing and sharing your videos with the world, Contour has risen from humble beginnings to become the force that they are today. When a pair of University of Washington undergrad students came up with a basic helmet cam to record their skiing adventures in 2004, the groundwork was laid for a company to be born. Jason Green and Marc Barros were just looking for the best way to share footage of all their highlights on the hill with family and friends when they came up with their hands-free design. The duo knew that the unforgiving mountains are no place for flimsy equipment, so they focused on materials and construction that would give their gear an edge. Once they had a product dialed in, they began producing more and selling them out of a warehouse near Seattle, WA.

Now, Contour is composed of over 50 employees who are also active users and enthusiasts of the product. As a group of creativeís on and off the hill, they build cameras, accessories and apps that meet the needs and surpass the demands of todayís action sports market. Posted up at the intersection of athletics, engineering and design, Contour has positioned themselves as an unshakable force in the industry.

Along with their heralded cameras, Contour accessories have been winning some awards of their own. Since being on the go is what you are all about, Contour V Holder Cam Travel Accessories are all created to keep you moving forward. From Contour Car Chargers to Contour Universal USB Chargers, you are sure to stay powered so you donít miss a moment of the action. Contour makes it easy to use a whole package of their gear to create and share the kind of videos that all your friends will be talking about.

Positioned in the driverís seat of a thriving market, Contour has got a steady hand on the wheel. They will continue to innovate and create with vigor. So, whether you find yourself shredding the snow, pushing the pedals or grinding up the concrete, know that Contour has got the goods to help you capture every unforgettable moment.

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