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If you are looking for where to buy a new Boreas backpack you have come to the right place. Boreas might be new on the scene, but their fresh ideas are revolutionizing not only the industry, but also the entire way we experience the outdoors. While they may be small, nothing can stand in their way as they strive to build the best gear for people who are just as passionate about having good times in Mother Nature while hiking, climbing or any other adventure. They believe that the greatest designs are not overly complicated or expensive, but that there is never a reason to sacrifice functionality.

About Boreas

Founded and based in San Francisco, Boreas has quickly established themselves as an authority on backpacks. Tae Kim founded his motley crew of creative minds and outdoor enthusiast in 2010. His background of growing up in Alaska serves as both an inspiration and priceless experience for knowing how tough gear needs to be to stand up to the most rugged conditions. While Boreas has only been around for a few years, Tae’s designs have captured the attention of everyone in the industry and on the trail. Awards for his innovation and construction have already begun piling up and you can only expect more to follow.

Packs like the Boreas Lost Coast 60 Backpack are leading the way and transforming the way you experience nature. Models in this line are renowned for their lightweight, insane comfort and beautiful simplicity. Z-foam uses the natural motions that your body makes while hiking to pump air through the back panel to keep you cool. Made from impressive ripstop nylon that has been beefed up with waterproofing silicone ensures that your gear stays dry every time you hit the trail.

Crafted for the quick-moving hikers that think it is silly to lug heavy things around, the Boreas Buttermilk 55 Backpack is a whole new take on function. Light and uncomplicated, this pack is beyond durable so that it can keep up with you no matter how difficult the trek becomes or how gnarly the weather forecast is. It rides comfortably and protects your essentials at all costs. Boreas backpacks like this are exactly the reason that enthusiasts are flocking to this brand.

With a focus on keeping their gear simple, clean and unlike anything else you’ll come across, Boreas has become an example on how backpacks should be done. Boreas knows that you pour everything you’ve got into enjoying the outdoors, so that is why they design backpacks that never stop working hard for you.

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