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About Bern Unlimited

As a lifestyle action sport brand, Bern Unlimited specializes in protective headwear for non-motorized activities including skiing & snowboarding. Bern’s passionate approach to providing snowboarders, skiers, bikers, skaters and wakeboarders with adaptable head protection is only matched by their focus and commitment to producing a product that fits the individual style and personality of each rider. Their goal is to know exactly what every athlete wants, and deliver the goods before those action sports participants even know that’s exactly what they want. Bern stays ahead of the game through the engineering and development of new designs and technology. These key attributes help Bern pump up your performance, crank your comfort and satiate your style.

Over the years, Dennis Leedom has taken his fair share of tumbles as an avid rider of many things. After awhile, Leedom realized the value of protecting his dome and thus made it his quest to increase awareness and usage of helmets. Working his way around the industry, Dennis used and promoted different helmets for each of the different sports, but soon inspiration smacked him in the face. In 2004, he put together a group that would become known as Bern Unlimited, and it was their goal to give enthusiasts of action sports one adaptable helmet that could be used in all seasons for all sports. Leedom and his team combined their knowledge, expertise, skills and desire to create a product they were excited about. Soon, professional riders began backing the product, and when snowboard cross champion, Seth Wescott, took the top of the podium at the 2006 Winter Olympics wearing his Bern helmet, the brand exploded.

The Bern Baker Helmet was the one that started it all, and it still continues to thrive. People choose this lid because it just straight up works. It fits well and looks better than whatever else is out there. With a clean-cut look and that original visor, the Baker Helmet remains an absolute authority.

As successor to the Baker, the Bern Watts is a bike helmet that has been inspired by the skate scene. Its cousin, the Bern Watts Hardhat has a bonus layer of foam and is equipped to hook up with your tunes to put some bump in your session. Both Watts have a ventilation system that keeps you nice and cool when the sun starts beating down.

Showcasing Bern’s true dedication to evolution is the Brentwood Helmet. In a class of its own as one of the most lightweight helmets anywhere on the market, the Brentwood rocks interchangeable liners for warm and cold weather so you can use it no matter what month the calendar shows.

Spreading knowledge on the importance of helmets in action sports and then crafting the stylish, functional solutions has placed Bern at the front of the pack. What started as a simple idea has transformed into a protective headwear revolution, and Bern has been riding the sensation while never looking back.

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