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Searching for where to buy Balega Outdoors socks? We've got you covered with the latest collection of socks by Balega. Save on all orders over $40 with Free Shipping & No Sales Tax!

Balega Socks

Balega Outdoors

Outdoor triumphs whether it be in running, hiking, or climbing, begin and end with your feet. Which is why those precious soles need a solid foundation that effortlessly conquers anything you put your mind too, all without tiring out your feet. Envelop those hard working heels in Balega Outdoor Socks - a piece of critical gear that once you try, you won’t leave home without.

An American and South African initiative, Balega is a Zulu term describing “to move with speed,” which is what anyone wearing the Balega Mohrino V-Tech Enduro Quarter socks will do once they slip these babies on. Offering up protective cushioning for greater shock resistance and heavy wearing impact, Balega supports your arches with added structure and fabrics that bring relief to hard working areas. Aiding and enhancing healthy blood circulation with sensitive rib stop tech, Balega Outdoor Socks are hand crafted in Cape Town from high quality American yarn that maintains its shape even through countless uses.

High performance to a tee, all Balega socks have an incorporated hand linked toe closure that minimizes any top side abrasion, which can stem from long days of hiking, running or climbing. Rounding out any foot shape and size, Balega Men’s and Unisex Socks come in a vast array of thicknesses, which mean you can pack the Balega Moh-rino V-Tech Enduro Crew Socks for trekking adventures, while knowing you have a slew of other breathable and lightweight choices to choose from.

Driven from passionate athletic teams that set their sights on developing a creative and peak performance product for running, Balega customizes your user experience, offering up socks that are lightweight for shorter distances and heavy duty for more strenuous adventures. Keeping in mind high tech, all Balega socks have a knitted extra deep heel pocket, known as a “Fit Well,” which prevents your heel from sliding through any hardwearing activity you may find yourself in. Keeping your heel in place means you transfer energy to where it matters most, without losing out or tiring in the process. A snug heel also means less fabric will rub repeatedly onto your skin which can mean blisters in conventional socks. You’ll be cheery and blister free in these top notch bad boys while still enjoying a product that breathes and limits excess sweat and overheating.

From a wide array of styles, shapes and thicknesses to choose from, and designed with an antimicrobial coating that limits bacteria developing, not only will you be happy wearing Balegas, but you’ll find you can wear them time and time again without needing to excessively wash them when outdoor adventures take you into the bush. So when you’re looking for that stand alone piece of critical tech gear that will propel your running, trekking, climbing or other adventuring to new heights look no further than any of the Balega Men’s Outdoor and Balega Unisex Socks that can be found in a vast array of sizes, shapes, colors and outdoor wear ratings at US Outdoor. Your soles and training records will be happy you did.

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